"Sunny is 13 years old and has always been an active dog. We use acupuncture, in conjunction with Chinese herbs and traditional medicine, to keep her moving and happy. We feel very fortunate to have access to Mona and her expertise in the use of acupuncture. It has made a significant difference in Sunny's quality of life."


Wendy Olcott


Skylar (Sheltie) -- I have been taking Skylar to Pleasant Lake Veterinary for several years. Skylar has had some muscle injuries as an agility competitor. Fortunately through the care of Dr. Rooney and her staff, Skylar's treatment with acupuncture has resulted in some healthy improvements to get Skylar back into the agility ring. Additionally, the staff has helped Skylar feel comfortable through the process of receiving acupuncture. After witnessing Skylar's marked physical improvement after receiving acupuncture, it has now become a preferred method of treatment for creating balance in his overall conditioning for agility competition.


Janyes Lemons




After being attacked by a large dog Snoop has radial nerve paralysis in his front paw and leg. He was shy to start with but after the attack he was nearly impossible to lay eyes on--much less play or pet. Acupuncture with Mona and Liz finally gave Snoop a chance to relax, heal, and get back to his sweet, friendly self.


Not only have the treatments been expertly administered but it is clear they genuinely love and care about Snoop. I'm amazed at the compassion, skill, and kindness demonstrated that has led to a much happier kitty--he is in so much less pain and it shows! Now he chases his brother around the house, plays with all 4 paws, and snuggles on the couch again.


I don't think I could have ever gotten him to this point without the help of Dr. Rooney, I will forever be grateful for her determination and skill in treating his injury and getting him back to feeling safe and confident again. I would have never guessed a cat would tolerate acupuncture, but he has really grown to love it!


Thank you!

Leila Elshamy


When we first brought George to Dr Rooney, he was limping badly and we were concerned that either we would have to find some type of brace for his weak back leg or make the horrible decision every pet owner dreads when they worry that their beloved pet is suffering. George,  a Great Pyrenees, is 135 lbs and at the time was about 8 years old. We didn't think he would do well if we attempted surgery.  So Dr Rooney offered to try acupuncture and herbs, with herbs being the eventual mainstay.  Being a big fan of Chinese Medicine, I agreed immediately.  I was amazed that George actually held still for the needles and was a "good patient".  He had a few acupuncture treatments, and Dr Rooney started him on Chinese herbs which he remains on to this day.  He will be 10 years old next month. He does not limp after he runs and no longer is in pain.  The only other intervention he had was Glucosamine supplements which he was on before he started treatment.  Honestly, I feel if we had not been involved with Dr Rooney we would have lost our dog 2 years ago.  I have no reservations in recommending Dr Rooney.  She is knowledgeable, skillful, honest and so very compassionate. 


Paula Caron APRN  Dover, NH

My name is Thelma. I'm a 12 year old calico cat. After having trouble with urinary tract infections, I was diagnosed with kidney failure. My owner receives regular acupuncture treatments, so it was no surpirse that she scheduled me to begin treatment when she found out Dr. Mona had opened up an acupuncture clinic for animals. My owner explained that although my health was compromised by kidney failure, it was important that my "chi" (energy) flow well for the best quality of life. When "chi" is blocked, disease can follow.


At my first appointment, I laid on a cozy pillowbed, and Dr. Mona needled me. It did not hurt at all. During my treatment, I had a gentle, comforting massage by the assistant. The room was quiet and dimly lit. Every treatment was like this- quiet and relaxing. I enjoyed my acupuncture visits and they helped the rest of my life be relaxed and comfortable. Now I am a spirit that hangs around my sister, Louise. I tell Louise she is lucky because she'll get to have acupuncture treatments to keep her "chi" flowing for a long, healthy life.

Bella's ears perk up when I ask if she is ready to go see "Dr. Feel Good".   In our house that is what we call Mona. Bella is my 6 year old Bugg ( Boston terrier father/pug mother).  She has been in our family since she was 9 weeks old. She has always been playful and energetic, until this past summer.  She wasn't playing, her gait was stiff and she often walked with a limp, unable to jump on to a couch or bench that she use to be able to do effortlessly.   I took her to our vet and she was diagnosed with arthritis and a very wiggly knee cap....can't recall the medical term for that in an animal! She was started on pain medication and Dasuquin, which is a supplement for her joint health.   She started to feel better but I was concerned about her being on pain medication long term...regardless of the bottle saying it was safe.  I mean she was only 5 at the time!   Being in the medical field I know what long term use has the potential to do.   One day I was going through the Kearsarge Shopper and say an add for Animal Acupuncture & Herbs.  Thus Dr. Feel Good came into our lives!   Bella LOVES to go to her appointments!  She never hesitates to go in and get her loving.  Thanks to Mona, Bella is able to jump on the couch or the bench with ease.  On a rare occasion, once or twice since this past September; she will need the prescription pain medication.  Her current regime is acupuncture once a month, supplemented with the Dasuquin(not a pain medication), and 2 herbal supplements that Mona prescribed.  One for tendon/legiment health and one for the soreness.  All reasonably priced for what you and your pet get in return. 

Mona, we are SO thankful for all you have done to give Bella back her quality of life!!

With greatful thanks,

---Maundey and Bella

Written February 2017

Zoe is our 11 year old golden retriever. Although she was born with elbow dysplasia, she has been a very active dog. Over the years her arthritis has become more severe for which she has been treated with Dasuquin and eventually pain meds. She still opted to go for long walks in the woods most days, especially when it ended with a swim in the lake.


One morning last summer she could not keep her rear end under her.  X-rays determined that the arthritis was further complicated by a compressed disc and an ACL tear. We were sure her days of adventure were over!!! We started her on two types of herbs and eventually added acupuncture. Zoe is now five months into the herbs and has had three acupuncture treatments.


She is happy, comfortable, moving well and the knee is getting stronger by the day. She is back in the woods and has even gone on a five mile Nordic ski!! We can’t thank Mona enough for the care she has given Zoe and the guidance and education she has given us!

Ken & Laurie Jacques


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